As an editor, it is always important for me to understand the context of a piece in order to pick out the author's intent and structure my edits around said intent. Below is a list of literary formats I excel at editing. For fees and more details please see commissions.

Laptop Writing


One of the formats I specialize in is essays, particularly research essays. Not only can I assist in sentence structure but also with word choice, repetition, timing of arguments, facts, citations, and transitions.

Black Notebook

Short Stories

When it comes to short stories I can help with character and plot development, consistency of language, word choice, and many other aspects that come with the written process.

Old Documents

All Others Formats

Even though I specialize in Essays and Short Stories I edit all types of formats: Poetry, Thesis, Skits, Game Story Lines, Children Books, Novels, Novellas, and more.



My second most specialized genre is poetry, most commonly surrounding mental health and darker undertones. With that said, I do excel at editing other contexts.

Old Documents

All Others Formats

Although I specialize in essays, short stories, and poetry I am capable of editing a variety of formats such as, skits, game story lines, children's books, novels, novellas, and more.