Poetry Piece

In 2019 I was approached by one of my teachers within the Creative Writing & Publishing program with the opportunity to submit to the Talk the Walk project in which they had paired with Sheridan College's Centre for Indigenous Leadership, to which I am a part of as I am Métis. The competition sought submissions of creative or critical writing in any genre dealing with themes of truth and reconciliation, cultural or spiritual identity, citizenship, social justice, or the environment. The winning pieces were published in Sheridan's Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Newsletter, Alchemy.

My poem A Swamp like Shrek's was selected and visually interpreted by Caleb Zeiger a fellow student in the Illustration BA program. The poem itself was inspired by my favourite scenery, a swamp, in my home town of Lively Ontario. As I had shown my sister with great excitement and only received the uninterested comment of "It's a swamp," I got the idea to write a poem about something I found beautiful using the terms typically associated with its ugliness and manipulate them to show the beauty I saw.


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