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Nathaniel Boulard-Patterson

Freelance Editor | Editor in Chief

Hello! My name is Nathaniel Boulard-Patterson. I am a freelance editor and the editor in chief for Whispering Wick Chapbook Press. My main goal as an editor is to assist authors in expressing their intent without leaving a visible mark of myself on their work. As someone who struggles with words myself but finds it natural to understand and express what others are attempting to say, I want to help authors express what I cannot.

During my own journey, I found escape in literature both fictional and not. Had it not been for the books I read growing up, I don't believe I'd be the individual I am so proud to be today. As such, I would like to help authors develop their writing in order to provide the same escapism, I was fortunate enough to find, to others.

Please explore my portfolio to discover both my experience and the type of editor I am, first hand.